I Witness

By KangaZu

Silly Saturday ...

... Silly tail umbrella ... or Trump combover!

Even though it rained all day the squirrels still came out for some peanuts.  You can see just how hard it's raining here in this photo ... silly squirrel!  Thanks to Laurie54 for hosting Silly Saturday this first Saturday of March ... in loving memory of our beloved Admirer.

On a not so silly note ... at around 7:15 this morning three trains collided on some tracks nearby ... about 2.25 miles away from our house.  Richard was up by this time and he thought the noise was thunder since it was raining at the time.  But once we learned of this accident/derailment we knew the noise he heard were the trains colliding.  After lunch we headed over to the accident sight (as any good blipper would!) as we also learned that two of the locomotives were in the river!  The trains belong to Norfolk Southern ... which is the same company as the huge train derailment that happened in Palestine, Ohio about a year ago.  Not good press for them.

Tomorrow is supposed to be much nicer so we are planning on returning to see if we can get better pictures ... stayed tuned.  

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