By Pinkhairedlady

Home time

Phin lasted till 4am until he decided he needed company and trued to get through the divider. I really don’t mind having a cuddle with him but just wish he wasn’t quite so bony with sharp bones!

After our early morning walk (not at 4am thankfully) we had breakfast from the wee van at the site entrance to save jessing up the cooker before we packed up and headed home.

The weather had turned lovely again so it was a fairly pleasant drive apart from the many drivers who don’t appear to enjoy having caravans on their road! We made it home by late afternoon with only one stop at Durham services.

Mr PHL opted to empty the caravan whilst I took Phin for a run about at Newbattle. I managed to get round and home again before the threatened rain started.

Thanks to Stuphoto for hosting MonoMonday. I thought the hat on my wee Spanish witch was more conical than it actually is but it’s the best I’ve got (even though the theme is pyramid!)

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