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Bowood 2013 #15: The Rhododendron Walks

As the Walks had been kept open for an extra week on account of the rhododendrons having been late this year, I thought I would make one final visit there, primarily to catch up on some reading work in sunshine and seclusion.

When I arrived the ticket kiosk was closed and there was a sign advising that there was free entry today: good to know, but it didn't affect me as I had a season ticket. I strolled down Keepers Drive in the direction of the Mausoleum as I had in mind a bench that had a view of the landscape beyond the bounds of the Rhododendron Walks. There were a couple there when I arrived to whom I had a bit of a chat and then I went for a walk around a couple of paths beyond the Mausoleum and when I returned, taking this picture on the approach, they had left, and I had a welcome hour of uninterrupted study.


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