By TrishaR

Club lunch

Tesco for shopping then a lunch at the Mustard Seed with members of the Club. It was an Open lunch where you can take a friend who isn’t a member but would like to join , around 24 today.. I look Susan on the right here who is used to work with . She has recently retired so thought it would benefit her more so as she lives alone although she has plenty hobbies so it’s not like she is sitting in the house lonely but it’s always good to have options for other stuff.

This is Joan standing and explaining how the App works to these newbies. I also know Tirina on the left, she has also just retired!

Walked down to the library afterwards then I got the urge to have a scone and a cuppa and headed to The Rose House . It was delicious. Texted S on my way down to see if he wanted to join me and he hopped on the bus and joined me as I was half way through mine. On the walk home met
My cousin Margaret who had been to see about her hearing aid as it wasn’t working properly. Had a good chat with her and arranged to meet up soon for a coffee.

The weather is still so cold and nothing on the horizon to improve it.

We were just talking about seven years ago this week the builders started on our extension and how lovely the weather was all the foundations dug out and the joiners work done in beautiful weather for weeks on end. What a contrast to now!! And how can that be 7 years ago !

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