My day

By 59

Wide Wednesday

Not on theme of ‘things on fences’. Sorry. It’s the only blip I’ve taken today so will have to do.

I’ve had 2 walks today. The first to the pharmacy (to spend our retirement funds on medication) and a quick bite at a cafe. We both had smashed avocado and tomato on a bagel. Delicious. This afternoon I walked to the hardware/garden centre and got lawn fertiliser as it looks like more rain coming. The rain can wash it in. I also got a few other supplies and primrose seedlings. By the time I arrived home I realised I had done too much so am lying down with my leg up and another ice pack on. I read today it’s common to have swelling for 6-12 months after knee surgery and it is often because of over doing the exercise. So I must be normal. What ever that means.

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