Today began early.
5am I was wide awake and restless.
I surpassed myself this morning in a feat of stupidity!
I parked at school, chatted to Mrs A for a bit, got the Little Misses out and delivered to their various classrooms, came back to the car to pick up some paperwork I needed to hand in, chatted to Mrs A a bit more, took the paperwork in to the office and then came back to the car.
To discover I'd left the keys in the ignition.
And the engine running!!!
Doing it is bad enough but how on earth did I not notice when I came back to get the letters?!
Then it was home and a big kitchen clean - cupboard doors, bread bin, windows, behind the tea and sugar jars, the lot!
It looks so much better which makes me feel just a little bit more relaxed.
Now if only the rest of the house was so easy.....
The afternoon was mostly spent on the sofa watching tennis. With a few visits to my sparkly kitchen for more tea.
Now I am fading fast after my early start. I can hear my bed calling......
Unlike Miss L who was out in the garden doing stunts when her bed was calling!!

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