There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Spring View Down Tow Hill Into the Mist

It was one of those awesomely foggy mornings, but you had to get out quickly to see it. And little did we know it, but the day would bring us bands of weird weather. First the fog, then some rain, then bright sunshine, then some graupel, maybe even a flurry of snow buds here and there. Then sunshine again. You might say the weather was diverse: we had all four seasons occur within about five minutes.

Anyway, when I awoke to fog, out I ran out into the neighborhood with my camera. I wandered around a bit, photographed those five trees I always love in such conditions, and then headed up Tow Hill, where it seemed the mist was heavier. Above is one of my views looking down Tow Hill, with pretty foliage dressed in lovely pinks and reddish tints. Hello, springtime! . . . . I guess!

As far as music goes, I was thinking . . . foggy bottom boys. But what I guess my brain was really thinking was SOGGY bottom. So here are the Soggy Bottom Boys, from O Brother Where Art Thou, with Man of Constant Sorrow.

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