A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


Day One of the "Future of Wireless International Conference" in Cambridge today.

The theme is the Internet of Things which either means something to you so I won't bore you with explaining it; or it doesn't, in which case I won't confuse (and bore) you by explaining it.

That said, should a Tescobury's van turns up saying your fridge ordered 2 cwt of yoghurt, you'll possibly want that explanation. At which point I'll defer to M who's chosen this as a career.

Anyway... at the conference we were each provided with one of these "Blendology" dongles. Not the greatest of names - I tend to mis-read it as bendology and thereby evoke images of spoons: think Uri Geller or The Matrix depending on age.

The shape doesn't help.

Apparently to exchange contact details with another delegate you bonk the spoons dongles together, they flash, and you can download the data later.

Maybe I'm too much the Luddite to see the advantage over a simple rectangle of cardboard...

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