Keith B

By keibr

A day of sun and warmth

We started the day sitting outside in the sun for the first cup of tea (me) and coffee (Jan). We also did a lot of snow clearing as we searched for the foot of the washing spinner, and dug out a path.
All this was accompanied by loud bird song, and the occasional chatter of a squirrel. The red squirrel was fairly shy, hiding behind the feeder but showing off its impressive tail, as blipped here.
Another part of the day's soundtrack was the screech of cranes. The extra shows a flock of 40 cranes, overhead and flying north. The cranes had been thermalling to gain height and has just set of on the glide and flight northwards. They were still organising as they went over and a few seconds later they were in a perfect V, but too far away for a photo.
We also took a walk and saw our first butterflies. Several around an old collapsed barn, and more as we walked home. The start of the butterfly season overlapping with the end of the snow season!
Our final activity was a few hours spent doing a spring clean on 'Arry the camper van.
A whole day of warm sun and activity. We were both feeling fairly tired as we came in to get some tea!

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