An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Room with a view...

This will do!  :-))

We were in no rush to leave for Oban as we couldn't get access to the holiday house till 5.00pm.  This meant there was no need to rush to finish packing (just the odds and sods left to pack) so we had a leisurely lunch.  When we finally set off just before 4pm the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

We got about two miles along the road when a car approaching from the opposite direction flashed its lights at us.  We slowed down thinking there might be something on the road ahead, but no, all clear.  Then another car passed us with the lady driver pointing upwards.  More puzzlement then David exclaimed "Oh I wonder if forgot to lock the roof box!!"  Bloody hell!!

We pulled over as soon as we could and he got out to check and yes it became quickly apparent from the gap between the lid and the base of the roof box, that he had indeed forgotten to lock it.  Again, bloody hell! 

He had a quick look at the contents and everything seemed present and correct even though he couldn't actually remember all that he'd put up there! so he locked it securely and got back in the car.  

As we were only about three miles from home we decided to turn back and check the roadside, just incase something had fallen out!  We got half a mile along the road when another car passed in the opposite direction and flashed us again!!  Then D realised it was the same car that originally flashed us and we assumed he was flashing again to acknowledge we'd closed the roof box, but a few minutes later he had turned and was on our tail and flashing again, so we pulled over.  He drove past us and stopped in front and the driver and D got out.

As he walked towards our car, we realised he was carrying the back pack that fits over the back of my wheels.  It has my brolly and wooly hat and gloves in it and I use it to carry things I buy when out and about.  It must have come out the gap at the back of the roof box and this lovely man had spotted it, retrieved it then chased after us to return it!  We were absolutely blown away by his kindness.  It restored my faith in humanity.  I wish we'd gotten his name and contact info but the heavens opened and both he and D were keen to get back in their respective cars so a shake of hands and our sincere thanks was all we could offer.

Back on the road again and after looking forward to journey to Oban, I began to feel queasy just as we drove through Comrie.  I never get car sick, in fact the last time was in 1988 as we drove to the Glasgow Garden Festival and it was because I was reading a Bride magazine (I can't read in the car) No idea what triggered it this time, although I had looked at my phone to answer a text, but I do that often in the car without ill effect.

Anyway, the horrible nausea lasted the whole journey, so any plan to take photos on the way was scuppered, as I sat as still as possible with cool air blasting my face.  Thankfully Oban is only two hours from us.  I was very thankful when the car reached our destination! 

As we got out of the car, a lady was passing with a very lively 7 month old bearded collie called Oscar.  He was desperate to come and say hello to us and we were more than happy to meet him.  What an absolutely gorgeous bundle of fluff!  I never thought I would ever meet a friendlier, more enthusiastic dog than Lola, but Oscar gave her a run for her money.  She's not with us otherwise I suspect she would have had a walking buddy for the coming week!  I hope we see him again :-)

D retrieved the key from the security box and we entered the main hall of the holiday house.  We are staying in a ground floor apartment of a former Victorian mansion built in 1888 and it's absolutely stunning!  The views alone are worth staying for!  I am so glad it was sunny when we arrived as the weather forecast for the next few days is awful, so at least we got to see the view at its best.  I am very much looking forward to sitting at that dining table to paint.

Thankfully once I was out of the car I felt much better so was able to enjoy lasagne and salad for dinner.  We unpacked while it was cooking (it's so much faster to unpack than it is to pack! :-)  

Feel shattered so looking forward to a lie in :-))

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