By hazelh

Charles Jencks at Modern One

After my swim this morning, I met Kate's widower Ian for lunch at Modern One. The grounds, including the Charles Jencks' sculpture, were looking fabulous in the spring sunshine, as blipped. 

I was not the only blipper in the restaurant. SallyMair was also there with her husband to celebrate his birthday. When we spotted one another across the room, SallyMair cleverly read my body language of 'Please don't come over while this poor man is telling me about the last hours of his dead wife!' but I did manage to share a few words with her just before Ian and I left the restaurant to walk back into town along the Water of Leith. (One of my gym friends was also in the restaurant. You really can't go anywhere in Edinburgh without bumping into people you know. I hope that she didn't think that I was meeting my lover!)

Back home again, I caught up with my flatmates, joined in some discussions with my sisters on WhatsApp and over the phone, tried to write a blog post (scuppered by a slow journal web site), and cooked a polenta, cheese and tomato bake for supper.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike; swim (60 lengths); walking (~18k steps).

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