By jochimphuket

Photo Challenge Day #17: Dinner

Well, this one is a bit embarrassing. I didn't want to make a fancy dinner or go out so this is my actual (and quite usual) dinner.

While spicy sausages can be found in markets throughout Thailand (and I LOVE these!), I will cook a pair of hot dogs in my rice cooker at least once a week. The S&P "Classic" variety (42 baht for a package of four) have decent snap and are the largest sold at my local 7-Eleven. On VERY rare occasions, bratwurst can be found (a package of two for 59 baht). I have to forego proper hot dog buns most of the time as the only place that sells them is a long bus ride away. 

So, I run lines of ketchup and mustard down the middle of slices of white bread, place a cooked hot dog on each and then fold over to eat. Occasionally, I will put a half-slice of white cheddar over each dog. It's pretty tasty and world's better than the microwaved hot dogs sold at 7-Elevens.

One day, I will buy a jar of relish or maybe cook some chili con carne to place on top. Simple eats when I don't feel like Thai street food.

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