Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

I found it!

My mojo, that is.  Not that a red-winged blackbird is ever going to come close to a lion, but still...  And I managed to get the focus locked on his eye before he took flight.  Very pleased with this shot.

I was back to looking through all my oxpecker/Cape buffalo images today.  I'm so very pleased with so many of the shots I got from the overnight hide.   Before I even left for SA, I had in my mind the kind of images I wanted to get and top among them was getting oxpeckers and mammals, preferably tight shots.  The hide allowed me to get these kinds of shots since the animals were only 8-10 feet from where I was seated and the oxpeckers were very active.  And what an experience.

Today was a perfectly overcast day, ideal for photos so I rearranged my perches/feeders and set up my hide.  Jax insisted on being outside with me and he occasionally scared the birds away, but mostly he was content to surveil the perimeter of the yard and to bring all his balls and toys into the hide.  Always fun trying to get up while dodging small objects!

I had my 6 month follow up with my oncologist today.  Next up is a mammogram/ultrasound/bone density next month.  It was a very easy visit today because all seems to be going just fine.  And she wanted to see some of my Africa pics so I happily showed her some of the Instagram images.

Plain dark today.


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