Everyday Life

By Julez

3 Loonies from the Boonies Loose in London

Blurb to follow when I have time, chance and energy.

So.Today we went and stood in town for a while and waited for a National Express coach to take us to that there London. (Us being Jeri, who will be running the London marathon tomorrow, her friend Ali and I.)

The coach journey took just short of 6 hours, as there were roadworks on the road to Nottingham. It stopped to take more people on board there too.

Once we arrived we had to hurry to the Expo for Jeri to collect her race number ready for tomorrow. Weirdly, they also give you your finishers t-shirt today too, so it kinda defeats the object of calling it a finisher's shirt! Both things had to be collected from different places, forcing everyone to go all the way round the big market of running merchandise! 

Jeri wanted to find her name on the wall where all the competitors' names are listed, which is where I took this.

We went and found our hotel. No one answered the door.. I was having flashbacks of the time I went to Liverpool and got to my hotel to find it all shut up. I called them and they said they'd come and let me in, but messaged straight after cancelling the booking. 

Fortunately it wasn't a repeat of that. They somehow remotely unlocked the door when Jeri called and our keys were on a shelf inside. We've still not seen a human being though...

Went out again then to get food. We ended up in a nice little pub, not too expensive. The other two had bangers and mash, I had a halloumi salad. I'd had a halloumi salad wrap for lunch. Places really have to be a bit more imagination with meatless options.

Anyhow, another early start tomorrow, then breakfast and marathon for Jeri, swanning about for us, then home again on the coach!

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