Northern Flicker and Friend

Today I painted. As usual I had a great time with my friends at Studio UFO. I took in an old painting that I had found recently during my reorganization of my work. It was painted in 2005 or 2006 and was not good at all. I decided to play with it. At first I thought I'd make another abstract like I did last week. My friend Eve said, "that's beautiful. Please don't destroy it." We all looked at what was working and what wasn't and I decided everybody convinced me that it just needed more work to finish it. So that is what I did. You can see the result on my art website. I decided to give it to Eve and will do that when I finish the last couple of small details and flourishes to make it fully complete.

When I got home I thought I'd blip the painting but then I fed the birds their afternoon meal and sat quietly photographing them while they ate. I've been wanting to blip one of the flickers and since I got a good shot of one with a sparrow flying by, I decided to blip that. So here is a Northern Flicker for your enjoyment.

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