Capital adventures

By marchmont


Today is (International) Mother's Day and I had a surprise delivery, along with chocs and a wee video. Gave me a warm glow.

Earlier I had a long lie,  done an OSCR return, drunk coffee and fizz with Y in her garden. Later back in my garden I started to tidy up the lawn edges before it rained. I had my book on. 

I used the change in the weather to paint a wall in the 'hobby room', green because that's the paint I have. It's not wonderfully done and may need a bit of touching up but looks ok. I need to decide what I do with the other 3 walls.

The rain was heavy and then stopped and then came back on again! Cooked dinner and watched the BAFTAs. Most winning programmes were ones I hadn't heard of. 

Feel like it's been a good day, and the Dons won. 

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