Capital adventures

By marchmont


Swam and commiserated with D about yesterday's result, Hibs 0, Dons 4. After a brief meeting about rescue cats and brand refresh it was down to Sainsbury's to collect Mum's groceries. Dropped them off at the Manor and got bus up to Marchmont. 

I was early so whiled away the time in the amazing Amnesty Bookshop. I bought books, seeing as I'm on my quest to emulate Y.
Met A in Red Box to share thoughts of travel in SE Asia while I tried to eat a cheese scone demurely.

Didn't get home till 3 so decided the wall needed another coat and then sorted out some pictures and fixed the top back on the clock. Not sure if I'll get it up on my own though..

All the time I was listening to Val, which is now finished. 

It was much cooler today and then haar never really lifted.

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