Blippish Columbia

By OllieG99

Jack and Soph

Slow morning dealing with our hangovers this morning before we finally dragged ourselves into town to the cinema. Now You See Me was pretty good, interesting concept, good twist and good acting from the leads. Definitely worth checking out. In particular it took me a while to decide who I should be rooting for as a protagonist.

After the film I met up with Jack and Sophie, friends I lived with in my first year of uni who are now both working down here. Having not seen them properly for 12 months it was great to sit down, catch up and reminisce about life and find out their exciting travel plans for the future! They're also a testament to university relationships. After meeting in freshers week and hooking up by week 4 they then proceeded to live together for the next 3 years and now live together in London. I've not met two people better suited to each other in a long time and its great to see their relationship is still as strong as it was when they got together!

There really is nothing better than catching up with old friends over a pint!

I had real trouble deciding what to blip today. I also love this one, and this one

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