By Kentboy


I have photographed this fence a few times, but not when the weather has been like this.  There is a beauty here, I think.  The fence leads you to the island although, because of the day, the view isn't clear.  The grass on the fence is left there after flood water has retreated.  Castle Crag can be seen 'above' the fence in the distance.  Today it was a case to sit and watch.  Many photos were taken, but many didn't make the editing stage! (Fussy eh!)  Plenty examples of Herdwicks and their black lambs today. and I was pleased with some of these photos.  Shearing season is beginning, but not on the ones I saw today.  A small family can be seen as an extra.
It is Keswick Mountain Festival this weekend and today Crow Park was under 'siege' in readiness for visitors.
Have a good weekend everybody.

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