By hazelh

Clare Arbuthnott exhibition, Torrance Gallery

A solo exhibition by our friend Clare opened at the Torrance Gallery today. Mr hazelh and I joined the celebrations there at lunchtime. Here is Clare posing beside some of her work.

The rest of the day we have mainly focused on dealing with (some of) the stuff that we extracted from my mother's house when we left Northumberland on Thursday.

The biggest job was to put up a corner cabinet in our sitting room. It's an interesting piece of furniture to me because it was made by my great-great-great-great grandfather. He was a cabinet maker and upholsterer in Lancashire. My cousin (lapsed blipper) TBay tells me that he lived from 1833 to 1900, married in 1859, and had ten children. The family legend is that he made a cabinet like the one now in my possession for each of his children (or possibly grandchildren). We know the location of four of them: one is now with me, one with my cousin TBay, one with my cousin in Kelso, and one with my Canadian cousins.

Exercise today: walking (14,016 steps).

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