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Belated Barcelona Blip 3

Not a wink of sleep was had last night. Partly because of the firecrackers, car horns and general partying for St Joan's day. But mainly because I have really hurt my knee - what a bummer. Hobbling about like an old person who's poo'd their pants is not a good look!

Anyway - Barcelona is like a ghost town this morning. Like Edinburgh on New Years day, hardly any cars and only a few bleary eyed locals and bright eyed tourists around.

We headed off to Barcelona FC's ground the Camp Nou or Nou Camp as we tend to call it here. Had a really interesting tour, the stadium is built into the ground and is just breathtaking. Shame they were setting up for the U2 concert so the pirch was obliterated with a horrible black and orange giant pincer thing, but it was an impressive ground nonetheless. Made even Parkhead seem tiny.

After that we decided to go to see the famous Bocqueria Market on the Ramblas, but it was closed for St Joan's day.
So we decided to go to the Picasso museum - also closed.
So we decided to go sit on the harbour and watch the world go by.

In the evening we decided to go completely tourist and headed for a burger at the Hard Rock Cafe then down to the harbour again for another seat, not that we're creatures of habit!

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