By JohnW


Today I treated our front hedge with a good oil based preserver.  While I was at it I got a lot on the fence, as well as some on the wall and the footpath.
To be honest the fence was long overdue for treating, not that we have any trouble with rot as it was treated with proper creosote back in 2014 when I put it up, but being left to the elements for the past four or five years has left it looking very sad.
I started at about 09.30 and had completed the road side by about 2pm.  I have spent the rest of the day recovering – slowly!!  It never used to be like this . . .  !   I’ve got the bit behind the ‘front garden’ to do and the new fencing on the other side of the drive – all in good time.
(I’ve just noticed that I used the same joke back in 2019 – the old ones are best they say . . .)

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