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Bowood 2013 #19: Piglets

Finally, I learned online that Gina had had her litter of eleven healthy piglets at tractor Ted's, and went along later in the day when it was quiet to see them. Their father was a pig named Trigger. Gina is estimated to have given birth at around four in the morning, so they are about thirteen hours old in this picture.

The piglets had all been licked clean by the time they were discovered by staff in the morning, and it had subsequently been discovered that there were actually twelve piglets, one having been hidden beneath some others. They will be kept with their mother for around two and a half months, but will have left the Little Farm prior to that.

At the time they were unnamed, but I gather that one of them has been called Happy. All were suckling when I arrived, but one particularly adventurous one wandered round to the other side of Gina, who was lying on her side, so my nickname for that one is Homer.


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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
Sundays - Here's Where The Story Ends (1989)
Wrongs Righted #2: The Sundays were a relatively local band, coming as they did from Reading, about 40 miles from here. I never realised until now that this was the inspiration behind their first album title, Reading, Writing And Arithmetic. In the UK only one single was taken from the album, Can't Be Sure, which reached number one in that year's John Peel Festive Fifty, although Here's Where The Story Ends was their biggest hit worldwide, reaching number one in the US Modern Rock Tracks chart. It was never released as a single in the UK because the Rough Trade Records label had collapsed. In 1998, however, an electronic dance music duo called Tin Tin Out comprising Darren Stokes and Lindsay Edwards, called in a singer called Shelley Nelson and reached no. 7 in the UK charts with their cover of the song. As this is probably better known than the original in the UK, it's time to redress the balance.

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