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I drove over to Bradford on Avon to see the Secret Gardens that were open that day, two till six, tickets from the Tourist Information Centre. What the poster hadn't mentioned was that the TIC would only be open for the first hour or so, and it was shut (although there were staff in there counting pots of money). I did find one of the gardens and ventured in, hoping to get hold of a ticket and map, but without success. However, I had intended to have a bit of a walk around the town and see the river and canal, so I wasn't too bothered.

I'd accidentally knocked the settings on my K-x and so was unfortunately over-exposing everything by three stops. I've done what I can to overcome this in processing but parts of the images have bleached out.

After walking along the Avon up to Barton Grange Farm and having a look at the splendid tithe barn, I reached the Kennet and Avon and saw a buzzard trying to ignore a gull that was mobbing it. The path was lined with floral displays as I approached the Lock Inn, which was doing a roaring trade, and provided this blip. I crossed the road to Bradford Locks and ventured into a canalside café for a mint and chocolate chip ice cream cone in their garden. Later, I drifted back along Frome Road and looked at the shops.


Blip #1016
Consecutive Blip #000
Day #1192

Ferns In A Secret Garden
Bradford Locks
Bicycle Shop

Lenses: Pentax 12-24mm, Pentax 17-70mm

Bradford-on-Avon series
Canals series
Kennet and Avon Canal series

Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Small Faces - You Need Loving (Saturday Club session, 14 March 1966)
Wrongs Righted #3: The Small Faces included this in their live set in 1966. It was adapted from a Willie Dixon composition recorded by Muddy Waters in 1962 and titled You Need Love. It appeared on their eponymous début Decca LP but is here in a BBC session version, introduced by Brian Matthew.
One can't help drawing comparisons with the vocalising in the 1969 Led Zeppelin song, Whole Lotta Love. Some of the lyrics of this were copied from Muddy Water's recording, a favourite of Robert Plant's apparently, improvised in the studio to accompany Jimmy Page's prepared riff, but his phrasing is too inescapably similar to Steve Marriott's here to be coincidence.
A lawsuit against Led Zeppelin in 1985 was settled out of court in favour of Willie Dixon.The Small Faces escaped legal action, even though You Need Loving is only credited to Ronnie Lane and Steve Marriott, and the Faces never sued Led Zeppelin for plagiarism.

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