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River Avon At Reybridge

Whenever I drive over Rey Bridge I always pause to see what's on the river, remembering the occasions when I have seen herons or swans. One year a pair of swans raised cygnets in a nest immediately below the bridge.

Of late there has been little going on, apart from mallards and moorhens, so I was delighted to see a swan family gliding slowly up river. By the time I had parked and returned to the bridge they were some distance away. I did get some shots were they were more prominent, but in the end I preferred this more general river scene that shows the splendid variety of green colours on display.

I did walk up a field towards the spot where they had gathered, but the undergrowth and trees were impenetrable, and when I finally reached an opening they were gone.

13.7.2014 (2145 hr)

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