Yesterday's pub meal upset my stomach again, and I really didn't get much sleep. Nevertheless, I had to get up early as Chris and I were booked to go to the Dingle Marshes near Dunwich, where he was meeting the warden at ten. I really didn't feel well enough to drive, but dosed myself up with peppermint oil capsules and paracetamol, and luckily my stomach stayed settled for the journey.

While Chris was working I had a gentle stroll along the shingle, and was delighted to see copious quantities of flowering sea pea and sea-kale. Sea pea only grows on shingle subtrates, and is rarely common - I think the vivid pink flowers look so exotic. This view was taken close to an area fenced off for nesting little terns. I didn't see any, but there were plenty of redshank, several avocets and a ringed plover.

On my way back to the car, a Spitfire flew low past the beach, and I got three excellent shots - you can even see the pilot in two of them. I was stopped by another man with a camera, who wanted to know whether I'd managed to get the shot, as he'd just been getting out of his car as it flew past, so missed it. Rather strangely his wife was brought up less than a mile from me in Gidea Park, so we had a long chat about the area.

I then drove up to Dunwich Heath to eat my lunch and have a snooze, as the lack of sleep was catching up with me. By this time the blue skies were disappearing, to be replaced by grey clouds - not the best photographic conditions for my walk round the heath. It was very quiet - in fact the only birds I saw on the heath were Dartford warblers - and I saw six of them!

About four o'clock Chris texted me to say he'd finished, and I picked him up from the beach car-park just as the rain started. We had a good run home, despite a slight diversion through Framlingham. Luckily a very tasty dinner was waiting, cooked by Pete :)

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