I talk about friendship quite often and loyalty is important to me. To be there for my friends regardless of what they need, without question or judgement is one of the most important things in my life. We all have a skill set and we all made the weekend a little bit more bearable for each other with clever suggestions on practical things or funny stories of days gone by. I know, without a shadow of doubt, that if I ever need my friends the way our friend needed us this weekend then they would be there for me in a flash.

Everyone should have a Nicki in their life. Someone who can poshen up all of us, be sensible when we need some sense and be bouncy when we need some bounce. She knows how to give hugs just when you need one and I can't even begin to cover her ability to share. Selfless. Her little Bumpette is getting bigger and she's going to be a fabulous Mum.

Everyone should have a Chris in their life. Someone who can cope with pretty much anything you throw at him and he's always got time for a smile and a wink or simply a nudge to check you're okay. He was an absolute rock this weekend and I can't tell you how glad we all were that he was with us. He's going to be the best Dad and Bumpette will be like a super duper poshish little person simply for having both their genes!

Everyone should have a Gem in their life. Someone who can keep it together in the most horrendous circumstances, think practically and clearly even though her world has been turned on it's head in the space of a week and still she manages to think of other people. Unbelievably brave. She's also an expert plate smasher!

Everyone should have my Sarah in their life. Someone who has such a big heart, has the ability not to give a shit about dust and who laughs before I've finished my sentence because she knows what I'm about to say. She opens her house for all of us even when we lose her keys and we make ourselves at home.

Everyone should have friends with a little bit of all of those qualities in their life. You need nonsense as much as you need practical stuff, you need laughter as much as you need tears and you need loyalty as much as you need trust. I love my friends, they are honest and kind and giving and if I'm half the person each of them are then I'll be incredibly happy with that.

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