Journey Through Time

By Sue


I got sidetracked with a little genealogy, and nearly forgot to put this up. It's not much. I stopped at the little rose garden and decided to blip this rose, Sterling Silver. This rose came out in 1957, and I swear I remember when my dad and stepmom moved into their home, sometime in the late 1950's, this rose was in a neighbor's garden, or else they planted it, or something, because I remember people talking about this unusual purple/lavender rose. Call me crazy, but I do remember that. AND, I'm not so fond of purple just looks weird to me. Very gothic/Victorian/Vampire weird to me. But, I chose this because it's a bit different and it does show the buds in their more pink tones, and then you see how it opens to a lavender. Did a bit of shopping and got myself a new top and some pants to wear to our dinner tomorrow. This is only out of necessity, as I felt sorry for myself this winter and ate myself up a size and can't get into my clothes from last summer. I am not happy. Something must be done. Urk. I did go on my walk today. I am trying, Catch ya later.

Sterling Silver is the true and original lavender rose, being nearly thornless, and having a sweet and citrusy fragrance. The parent or ancestor of nearly every single modern lavender variety today.
May need a little TLC the first 2 - 3 years; however once it becomes established it is a fabulous rose.

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