Journey Through Time

By Sue

Ultimate Picasa Gerbera Daisy

This is actually the cream colored gerbera daisy that I have blipped before. For my last in the series of Picasa images, I thought I'd pull out all the stops and just go crazy wild. So, after totally changing this image....there you go...Hot Pink Extreme gerbera daisy, just for you guys....

Other than messing about with a new Xfinity WiFi thingie that Comcast sent me, this day has been pretty quiet. And the messing about took most of the darn day. For a few hours we were without phone and computer until Bill came home and I could use his cell phone to contact Comcast and get it all straightened out.....grrrrrrr. The up side to that is that our son was trying to call us and couldn't get through, so since he was in the area anyway buying something, he stopped by to make sure we were both still alive. Good to know he will do that. ;)

Off for my walk. See ya later.

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