Journey Through Time

By Sue


This is about the third year for our coneflowers, and wow...they exploded! The pink ones are doing well also. We have a new one which is yellow and I hope it also does well in future years. In the far back right are the tomato plants, which are growing and will put out some delicious tomatoes - eventually.

I saw three raccoons today in the back yard, but, of course...the camera was in the other room and by the time I got it ready...they had wandered off into the shrubs and were gone. Maybe one day I'll have a raccoon blip.

Thunderstorms today which lasted a lot longer than they usually do. I wish it would fire up when it gets dark, because that's more interesting than a daytime storm...but I don't suppose that will happen. Thunderstorms are a bit of a rarity in the Portland metro area. Not much rain to go with least here anyway.

Recovering from my crazy Friday and Saturday trip south. I would have been so sorry to have missed it, so I'm glad I went. Events and gatherings happened Thursday night through Sunday, but at least I got the main event in, which is the most important. I did back blip Friday's image, in case you missed it. ;)

Take care my friends.

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