Desperately seeking

By clickychick

An Apprehensive Look

Daniel, this is the look you're giving me as I strap you into you car seat, ready to give you back to the Mam-ma and Dad-da. Oh, Dan, I feel like that too. Iv'e had such a great time with you. A couple of hours this morning when you helped me clean the lodge while your folks went buying a car. You did help,didn't you? I can't quite remember how but I know it was fun taking you along.

This afternoon I just loved taking you away from the Mam-ma & Dad-da again for a few hours. We had fun when you met a new cat! Ali wasn't so amused and hid. We had fun with the garden chairs, they weren't where you thought they should be. We had fun on a walk through the village to The Great Grandmother's house where we also met my friend, Julie.

Oh, Dan, I had quite forgotten how energetic kiddies are, I'm sure Mam-ma never did anything so adventurous. She never chased cats! Or maybe she did.

So. here we go! Into the baby seat again with your favourite cheetah toy, and back to the hotel for supper and bed. Thank you, R & S for sharing your little treasure, and the flowers.

Don't worry, little one, you'll soon be back with those 2 people you love and we'll be seeing you again soon.

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