And now for something completely different...

A spoon, on a turquoise place mat, on an outdoor dining table, under a green umbrella, with a bit of a self portrait thrown in for no extra charge.

No jays, owls or flickers today my friends. Just an abstract taken during dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house in Anacortes. I did take some fluffy squirrel photos this morning before we headed down for a day with Dave and Nora. But they were just your normal, usual, cute squirrel photos so I wanted something with more pizazz.

We arrived at Dave and Nora's and went walking a few blocks to "Shipwreck Day" where vendors and just plain folks sell all kinds of stuff from antiques to really awful kitsch. Since we have been trying to get rid of stuff, I was not the least bit interested in anything I saw... except I did buy an old hammer since the head is loose on the one in my art studio and I really don't want to get bonked when the head flies off. Since this one cost $3 I thought it was a pretty good deal.

We walked all over the place and then went back to Dave and Nora's where our friend Judy joined us for a game and dinner. It was while we were sitting at the outdoor table, sipping our red wine and nibbling on cheese and crackers while Dave cooked the steaks, that I noticed my spoon with a reflection of the umbrella above in it. "Hey!" I thought, "that's pretty cool." So I took a bunch of photos and this is my favorite. It is pretty much out of the camera. Decided not to do any of the processing I sometimes do with my little Sony camera. I think it is quite interesting just as it is. Try looking at the large version.

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