Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Fallow Deer

Another early blip and getting it brought the wrath of Mr A down on my head!! Do I care? No.

I looked out of the kitchen window and by the Discovery apple tree was a Fallow Deer. I took three shots with the Nikon D100, which is the kitchen camera and then dashed upstairs to get my D7000. Mr A spoke to me as I was dashing downstairs again, but I did not stop. I took a few more pictures of the deer before going back upstairs to see what Mr A wanted; he only wanted Ibuleve putting on the parts of his leg which he cannot reach. His comment was that the deer and getting the blip was more important than he was!

Although these Fallow Deer and the Reeves Muntjac that visit the garden are wild animals they are easily spooked. Just after I took this picture this deer ran away, probably frightened by someone on the railway station. They usually appear at dusk when I have already done my blip and it is too dark to take pictures. This was taken through the window, which was a bit steamed up; some of the others are going on Flickr.

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