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By arkensielphoto

Butterflies and Bees

Yesterday evening, after seeing and blipping the Fallow Deer in the morning the garden was visited by a Reeves Muntjac and its baby. I think they were looking for water and knew where to find it as I have a bird bath, filled every day with fresh water and two large bowls on the ground in the larger border.

Today Victoria has visited again and they have been outside measuring things. Oliver is now working during the holidays, but today has an ENT appointment at Addenbrookes hospital so they can look at his broken nose. He is getting the train from wherever he is working and then I will drive him in and his Mum will meet him, probably at the Costa coffee shop where he will no doubt buy a gluten-free cake!

Today's picture is of Butterflies and Bees, well one bee and three butterflies, there were more bees and butterflies about today than I have seen in a long time and it was difficult to choose just one picture so the others are going on Flickr.

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