Arkensiel Photography

By arkensielphoto

Azure Damselflies

It was not until I downloaded this that I realised I had captured what I thought were two Common Blue Damselflies. However it seems that they are Azure Damselflies, Coenagrion puella, mating. I could only see one when looking through the camera. There were about twenty flying around the pond as well as one dragonfly, but as I was gardening at the time I did not take any pictures. When I went back the sun had moved round and so had the damselflies; there were only a few still visible.

I am not looking after grandchildren today as their father has a day off so I did two hours gardening early in the day when it was cooler. Now I shall sit on my swing hammock and read my book, much too hot to do much else; not that I am complaining.

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