By photosbyjon

Day 206 of 365 -The Start of the Canal!

Welcome to day 206 of 365 (Finished image after Editing)

The original photo was taken at the Canal Basin in Coventry. The image is looking out over Narrowboats that are parked up at the start of the Coventry Canal. Which begins just outside the City Centre.

As always the shot was taken with my iPhone 5.
The photo was taken using the camera App Photogene² for iPhone. The original image can be found here: Unedited original Image.

First of all I used the app Snapseed to edit the image. This was done by adjusting the Brightness, Saturation, Sharpness and Structure. Next I used the app called Painteresque to make the image look more like a pastel painting, to do this I used the Painteresque 2 filter. Finally I used PhotoToaster to apply the Clarify filter, the Vibrant FX and add the Shadow II frame.

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