One Street: Market Square, Shipley #43

I'm still working in a bit of fug. Perhaps it's this unusual muggy weather. I've never been very good at dealing with humidity. The forecast rain arrived on cue just after lunch and it's still pouring down outside. Hopefully that will cleanse the air a bit. And we can certainly do with some rain. The land is parched.

There was no time for photography this morning so I had to trust to be able to capture something interesting around Market Square at lunchtime. I was struggling to find a story when I heard some live music start up. There were three buskers in all, making a fantastic sound and having a really good time doing so - until a police warden had a word and told them they were too loud! It was like a free street gig - although I did chuck all my loose change in their box, like a lot of other people. They were very good and doing rather well. Good luck to them.

I'm still at the office, heading home shortly. I wanted to blip a bit earlier than I have been of late in order to offer my congratulations to TJ on the occasion of her second blip anniversary. Her journal is well worth a visit, especially today! Gorgeous George has done her proud!!

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