"Should we be afraid?"

Things are falling apart a bit with me - except it seems for the photography. It's been as tiring a week as I can ever remember, with little spare time, yet I keep being gifted wonderful photographic opportunities. There's some weird shit going on at the moment.

Roam has looked after me tonight, cooking us a rather original dinner of fishcakes with sweet potato and coconut yogurt. He had a bit of a fight with the fishcakes but although not looking very pretty, they tasted great. I think he's going to be fine when he leaves for university in 6 weeks time.

You lot have looked after me too, every visitor to this journal, for helping me get through this week with your fabulous comments. When my powers are failing on almost every front, it's been great to get such fantastic encouragement around my photography. Thank you. One and all.

It feels very selfish to be giving so little back to you right now but it's just not possible with everything else going on. For now I need to sleep. This week has simply drained me of energy.

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