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Had a fairly mental morning trying to get the house ready for E having some friends round for wedding dress trying on.(Not hers I hasten to add)

Once that was done A and R and myself went out to the Elephant House for a family round of chamomille tea and chocolate crispy cake. R ,who is 3 and a half ( she assures me the half is important), loves the place and any day we ask her where she wants to go she asks for the elephant cafe. Nice view out the back window.
From there went to the library and finally found a book, Norman Mailer, the Naked and the Dead. Let's see how that goes.

Headed over to the zoo on the bus and then headed up to the top of the hill. I struggle with my view on zoo's, that is why there is no blip from there. I can understand the assistence to conservation, and the financial need to pay for that by giving the whole zoo experience, but it still sits oddly in my mind.
The Girls love it.
Tried to blip A rolling down a hill but could do no justice to the fun she was having. She also mastered going head over heals on a bar. So she did it for ages. The look of pleasure on her face was great.

Blipped this on the way home along the canal.

Headed down to St Marks for the CoI practice night. Tonight it was taken by Bryan, very good, covering interdepenance and the cycle of it all.

Back home and the hoots from upstairs at the dress trying on are nice and loud.

Have a wonder evening

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