The beholder's eye

By uniqueandlovely

My Favourite fly of all time!

I went to Southwater woods today, and I can really feel Autumn coming...
I wish I could live in perpetual summer how good would that be?
Still there were still quite a few tatty Silver washed fritillaries nectaring on what was left of the thistles.
There was also a large patch of purple wild mint attracting all sorts of flies and about 30 Green veined whites.
This beautiful fly is a Phasia hemiptera, a tachnid fly found throughout northern and southern Europe. It is strongly dimorphic with the males (and this is a male) being much more colourful with smokey curved & pattened wings.
When I offered him my finger he hopped on for a quick wash and brush up!
Hope you like him, thanks for dropping by

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