By MsQuizzical

Red Stripe 'Hopper

Got a shot at the petrol station earlier of a little sticker that I have never noticed before warning people not to drive off with the filler stuck in the petrol tank of the car. That's exactly what my daughter did once when she was stressed as the pumps weren't working when she needed fuel to get a friend to the airport.

It was dull, starting to rain and the light was failing when I went down the field with Jazzy dog and the camera. I prefer not to use flash but I had no option. My pic was taken with the in-camera flash.

I love shooting grasshoppers and crickets. They interact with one. They even stridulate in answer to the chirruping of my camera. :)

I think this is a common field grasshopper, it posed nicely, giving me time to remove distracting grasses and seedheads from behind it.

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