old generation tech

"Rachel... you are our first ever swan!"

Lots of television is utter shit but at least there's now You Have Been Watching to tell it to its face. 'Twould be good if in the next series they infiltrated the studio audiences of the more dreadful programmes and film the results of direct confrontations with the programme makers.

A mere almost-three months since declaring that I definitely no longer needed my 60mm (three months after completely stopping using it when it was eclipsed by its upgrade-replacement) I fished it out at the weekend just to check that I don't need it and haven't been missing anything. Whilst the field of view immediately felt very comfortable the same mechanical limitations are still there - and it doesn't have anti-wibble tech. Finally definitely getting rid of it means that I can replace it and stop having a lens I don't use as it does nothing that something else in the bag can do better.

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