By photosbyjon

Day 230 of 365 - Knowle Parish Church!

Welcome to day 230 of 365 (Finished image after Editing)

The original photo was taken today in the village of Knowle near to the town of Solihull. The image is of Knowle Parish Church. Parts of the Church date back over 600 years. However for nearly 400 years the Parish Church in Knowle was a smaller Daughter church to the Church in nearby Hampton in Arden. Due to the local river flooding on a regular basis Knowle Parish Church was saved from destruction during the time of the Dissolution of Monasteries by King Henry VIII at the request of the villagers.

As always the shot was taken with my iPhone 5. The photo was taken using the camera App ProCam for iPhone. The original image can be found here: Unedited original Image.

First of all I used a new app to edit the image called Leonardo. This was done by straightening the image and then adjusting the Colour Vibrance, Clarity, Brightness, Hue, Saturation. I also boosted the Sharpness and Shadow Detail of the picture. I then used the app Painteresque to make the image feel more painterly, I did this by applying the Painteresque 2 filter. Finally I used PhotoToaster to apply the Vibrant FX filter and add the Shadow II frame.

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