Desperately seeking

By clickychick

View From My Bath!

I am obsessed with the beauty of Phalaenopsis, I've blipped them many times BUT, never like this!

Ours always thrive in the bathroom beside a north-facing window. This time it's quite unusual to have every flower on the raceme open at the same time. Usually the bottom flowers die before the top buds open. I was determined that this time, for the first time I would blip all the flowers rather than do a macro of just one.

As I lie in the bath each morning, I look at these flowers, waiting for the day they are all open. For a few days now I have been interested in the way they reflect in the bathroom mirrors. I have mirrors on 3 walls. Two opposing mirrors enabled this shot.

I took a series of shots (from in the bath) as the steam caused condensation on the mirrors, with and without the downlighters. I finally chose a shot before the mirrors were steamy and without the lights on. The result is consequently rather grey but the lights were a distracting artefact.

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