It's a baldy bald life!

By DrK

A Travelling Day and the Adams Family

I had set the radio to go on at 4.45am and was awoken by an oil man talking with bias about renewable energy. The radio 4 interviewer was not challenging him sufficiently for my liking. I had my breakfast, packed, faffed and then went to the train station for the 6.45am train. Annoyingly a guy was listening to music far too loudly with shit Apple headphones that are leakier than a typical water companies pipes. Why anyone chooses to listen to music on them I don't know, and Apple should be ashamed for designing such a rubbish product. They are the bane of many a commuter's life.

My train was quieter than normal, I had a good book and I arrived in Edinburgh before I knew it. Blast. A missed bus so I decided to walk to Rosemary's. Double blast, I somehow took a wrong right turn and found myself in Artisan Roast where a nice man gave me a flat white for a small fee. Gaining my bearings, I was soon at R's and was served a rather fine lunch with great flat breads.

After a relatively chilled afternoon, R's friend Crease (Chris really) picked us up and we were soon winning our way to Killin. Rosemary was doing the Scottish Triathlon Middle Distance champs on Saturday in Aberfeldy. We were welcomed by a rather strange landlord at the B&B. His demeanour suggested that he had some Adam's Family genes in him. I joked about the hairdryer and he then make a joke about Vaseline...... i didn't get it but it did cause me to clench my cheeks. The B&B was delightful, even though I was slightly nervous about asking the landlord for veggie sausages for breakfast the next morning.

By the time we went for dinner it was 8pm and choices were very limited. We found ourselves in the local pub and I certainly welcomed a pint. Eating out north of Stirling can be very hit and miss, especially when you're a veggie. Unfortunately, we missed with the food pretty shit. But when there are no other choices, what can one do?

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