Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Cutaway Acoustic-Electric

That's what all my guitars are. This isn't my most beautiful guitar, but it is my favourite! I've had it over 10 years so the wood is now nice and mellow and I am totally used to it. The fret board is JUST the right size for my left hand (my other two are a fraction wider and you really feel it after playing for even 30 minutes). It also has my favourite strap on it.

So, I got my guitar out and spent a few hours trying out some newer songs from my SOF Books 3, 4 and 5. That was fun though I still prefer the oldies. My mind then started buzzing with music-related projects I want to do, so I had to stop and listen to a CD I'd compiled a few years ago for teenagers. Loved it especially as I had it on LOUD!

Thank you so much for good wishes for my 500th. I made it into Spotlight for a few minutes! (Missed it). Only my second time ever! There you go. I should have said yesterday - the mosque on the bill is Jumeirah Mosque - a much photographed building in Dubai.

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