Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

It's Not About The Money...

Or is it? (As my nephew Benjamin would say). Love it or hate it, we unfortunately can't do without it!

I have made it to 500 and it has happened on a day which started with awful news re switching visas. More complexities so I will leave it there. I have managed to stay positive and must now patiently wait for next week to hear more.

This is our 500 dirham bill which is currently worth around £90 or $135. It is not the biggest one we have but always nice to have at least one in your pocket! :))

A lot of blippers have said about easing off after 500. I was wondering about how things will be when I start work - except now I'm not even sure about that, so I shall aim to keep going for as long as possible / I can still be interesting/relevant/not bore you.

Thank you again blip buddies for stopping by and taking a look. I've made a few real friends in real life through this. Awesome! Loving the discipline and putting my thoughts together and sorting out the day that this gives. :)

I always like to do some stats on these landmark blips...

My new highest rated
Still the most viewed(!) (and it didn't even get a single star)
Current personal favourites... 1, 2, 3

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