Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Venturing out

After a very lazy start, we finally ventured out into the day and headed for one of my favourite roads - the E77 which has very distinct landscape. The idea was to go out for a drive but not too long.

On the way; G wanted to stop to have tea at a roadside café. I recalled never having seen a café on this road so was surprised when I came upon a row of shops with big trucks parked in front of them. We stopped to buy our little cups of tea and I parked my car alongside this big truck cos I thought it would make a funny picture. The driver of the truck saw me taking some shots and started shouting that he wanted to be in the picture too; so he ran up and posed with his friend!

I wish I had a Polaroid camera so I could have given him a copy right away! He's drinking a cup of tea - just like ours!

I realised later why there were suddenly shops along the road. I'd missed my turn! Ended up driving towards Hatta on the E44 - Gs visa run route. I LOVE that drive. Beautiful red dunes with almost no vegetation on them. Just how you imagine a desert.

Had dinner at Yahala before getting home. Less than 24 hours and G has already had favourite Indian meal, seen the desert, and eaten at Yahala. Not bad! :)

She hasn't unpacked though.

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