Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Watching ewe - spot the difference

Now here's an odd thing that happened: I loaded this in quick succession after yesterday's back blip. The text was ok initially, then somehow it was substituted by a copy of yesterday's. How can that happen?

Now I have to try and remember what I said. Something about ewe being watched, and a mention of the sheep grazing in this field on the Far Arnside side of the Knott. A brave move by the National Trust as this field is heavily used by dog walkers, including me of course. But Gus has no interest in sheep, he ignores them, perhaps the result of spending the first 5 years of his life as a working farm dog. Now his interest is in other things, particularly rabbits.

I also mentioned our friend Bern, who came over this morning to help us reconstruct the airing cupboard that I took apart to make room for the new hot water tank. He put the shelving back together in less than half the time it took me to deconstruct it - surely the wrong way round? He also found time to hang all the pictures that came down in the Spring. Such a good pal.

A year ago we lost Nancy, the most gracious and generous soul I shall ever meet.

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