Arnside and beyond

By gladders

She's behind you....

Gus was so engrossed in trying to round Rowan up that he appeared to be completely unaware of the cow above and behind him. Had she been a frisky bullock I might have been more concerned, but she was a gentle young heifer, maybe just curious about this animal with similar colours to her.

Sue and I took Gus and Rowan for a lunchtime walk along the big meander in the Kent. We somehow managed to lose both Rowan's frisbee (just out of paddling depth - I tried), and his tennis ball (disappeared without trace). Gus and Rowan have an odd relationship that consists of Rowan chasing frisbees and ignoring Gus, while Gus frantically tries to shepherd Rowan along, a perfectly hopeless task. But they do wear themselves out in the process.

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